5 Great Reasons to get a Dubai visa from South Africa

Known for its established economy, luxury shopping, contemporary architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Dubai is certainly the place to be. Many South Africans feel this way. Moving to a safer and more economically viable environment has an undeniable appeal. However, we at Dubai Visas know that there’s much more to love about this fantastic city, and the region in which it’s located. In just a few minutes, discover 5 great reasons to get a Dubai visa from South Africa and start your new life in the beautiful UAE.


South African Communities

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of emigrating is the fear of social isolation. Starting over in an unfamiliar environment can be scary, even for the most charismatic of extroverts. However, if you’re pondering getting a Dubai visa from South Africa and making the move, you’ll be happy to know that the city is incredibly multi-cultural. There are more than 50,000 South African expats currently living in Dubai.

This sizeable community can be accessed on social media platforms as well as sites like Expat.Com or Expatica. These platforms will help you to connect with your fellow South Africans, even though you’re thousands of kilometres away from your native country. What better way to combat homesickness than to celebrate your favourite SA holidays such as Braai Day in the midst of your fellow expats?

A vast realm of professional opportunities

It should come as no surprise to hear that unemployment is rife in South Africa. Even the most qualified professionals can struggle to find work. In some cases, when they do, the position is significantly underpaid. Dubai, on the other hand, offers a vast range of career opportunities. Massive urban areas like this one are characterised by their booming business economies.


In recent years, there has been a greater need for English-speaking professionals to aid the city in evolving their technology and services. That’s where you come in! If the idea of advancing your career in the Middle East’s primary destination for enterprise and commerce excites you, you’ll want to think about getting your Dubai visa from South Africa. There’s no telling what new professional heights you could reach when you’re unburdened by SA’s limited economy.

Sort out your Dubai visa from South Africa and enjoy tax-free income

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to getting a Dubai visa from South Africa and emigrating is the absence of income tax. This perk almost sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Salaries in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are, in most cases, tax-free. Combine this with the absence of tax on drinks, food, and other goods and you’ll find yourself enjoying a cocktail of convenience.

Although Dubai is certainly not the cheapest place to live, you’ll be able to save more effectively without having to lose a significant proportion of your earnings to tax every year. Note that before you make your big move, we advise you to get advice on your tax residency. This will help you avoid having to continue paying tax in your home country.


We’ve briefly touched on this, but this element deserves more than a single mention. No South Africans are under the illusion that they live in a safe environment. With one of the highest crime rates in the world, the country is not a safe one to navigate. Streetwise expats will have some adjusting to do once they’ve made the move using their Dubai visa from South Africa.


You’ll be entering the safest place in the Middle East. The city is governed under stringent laws and measures — which ensure an almost non-existent crime rate. When criminal acts do occur, they’re typically of the white-collar variety. This means that you and your loved ones can confidently explore your surroundings without having to look over your shoulder or anticipate heinous crimes. This fact alone is likely to motivate you to get the ball rolling on your efforts to sort out a Dubai visa from South Africa.

It’s important to remember that the same rules and regulations that keep you safe are those that you’ll have to adhere to as well. The UAE has some of the most stringent requirements in the world when it comes to day-to-day activities like consuming alcohol or even the way in which you cohabit with your romantic partner. It’s up to you to brush up on your knowledge of these laws and ensure that you can remain lawful.

High standards of education

If you’re moving with little ones, or can anticipate some new additions in the future, education will likely be amongst your concerns. You’ll be thrilled to discover that Dubai is populated with hundreds of international schools — each maintaining world-class educational standards. Your kids will have access to fantastic rating tables, numerous dual-language opportunities and a plethora of extra-curricular activities to keep them busy. With so many beaches, desert regions, and attractions within driving range, your children’s field trips will certainly be memorable.

In the same light, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to family outings. Say goodbye to boring trips to the same mall every weekend! Picture trampoline parks, ice rinks, ski slopes, desert drives, water and theme parks, and wildlife centres. The fact that Dubai is a tourist destination means you’ll have access to competitive park and activity rates. Sorting out your Dubai visa from South Africa is a great way to ensure an exciting and promising future for your nearest and dearest.


How we can help you organise your Dubai visa from South Africa

Now that you have a better idea of what Dubai has to offer, you may be eager to get your Dubai visa from South Africa sorted out. Packing up your life in SA and moving to the futuristic city of Dubai requires a lot of planning. No need to worry, though, as we’re here to help. Our team of experts will provide support for every step of the way and help you to realise your dream of joining one of the safest and most vibrant places in the world. There’s no telling what excitement your future in the UAE may hold!