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Visit Ski Dubai With A Dubai Tourist Visa: Top Things To Know About Ski Dubai


The city of sun, sea, and sand, is a place every vacationer will want to visit at least once. Dubai is a tourist hotspot with an incredible array of memorable adventures to be had. One such enticing experience is the chance to escape the heat and go skiing in the Middle East.


Ski Dubai is an indoor winter wonderland located within the massive Dubai Mall Of Emirates. We have listed everything you need to know before visiting this thrilling attraction. When it comes to acquiring a Dubai tourist Visa, Dubai Visas has your back. These experts in the industry will organize your Dubai tourist visa quickly and efficiently so you can focus on planning the perfect trip.




Top 5 Things To Know About Ski Dubai:


Ski Dubai is fondly referred to as Switzerland inside a shopping mall. Much like the name suggests, visitors will have the unique experience of skiing down snowy slopes while shoppers pass by. From playing with penguins to soaring down a zipline, Ski Dubai offers wonderful winter activities in abundance. You’ll be rearing to get your Dubai tourist visa after reading our list of top things to know before visiting Ski Dubai.


1)Location And Description:


Ski Dubai can be found inside the Dubai Mall Of Emirates. It can even be recognized from the outside by the slanted shape of the building on top of the mall. Visitors will be able to explore the shops and restaurants inside before making their way to the ski slopes on the top floor.


Despite the infamous Dubai heat, the indoor park maintains a temperature of -1 degrees all year round. The 22,500 meters of snowy terrain are frequented by tourists throughout the holiday and off seasons alike.




2)Buying Tickets:


The cost of tickets will depend on your chosen activities. Entrance into the ski area requires a specific ticket purchase. However, visitors who merely want to catch a glimpse of this innovative attraction will be able to view the snow parks and ski slopes through the viewing area inside the Dubai Mall.


While tickets can be bought at the entrance, visitors are encouraged to skip the lines by purchasing their tickets online beforehand. After organizing your Dubai tourist visa, why not take a look at some of the affordable tickets on offer? The Ski Dubai Snow Classic ticket is highly recommended for families and lone travelers looking to have an all-encompassing indoor skiing experience.


3)Fun Activities:


Unlike other indoor slopes, Ski Dubai uses real, fresh snow for a truly authentic skiing experience. Visitors with a Dubai tourist visa who want a taste of the snowy slopes will be pleased to discover the plethora of exciting activities this attraction has to offer. Here are a few of the most popular things to do inside Ski Dubai.


1. Ski The Slopes: Ski Dubai houses snowy hills with varying degrees of difficulty for everyone to enjoy. Catch some complimentary skiing lessons and make the most of this exciting activity. Visitors with a Dubai tourist visa will also be able to enjoy snowboarding, tobogganing, sledding, and good old-fashioned snowball fights.


2. Visit The Penguins: in between building snowmen and skiing down the slopes, visitors will be thrilled to meet the real-life penguins of Ski Dubai. Get up close to the Snow penguins housed inside this remarkable attraction and learn more about the nature of these penguin colonies through engaging interactive programs.


3. Zipline: Catch the classic chairlift to the top of the slopes and ride Ski Dubai’s very own zipline back down to the bottom. This option is perfect for any thrill-seeking travelers with a Dubai tourist visa looking for the next big adrenaline rush.




4)Age Requirments:


Ski Dubai is perfect for families on vacation with a Dubai tourist visa. The minimum age limit is 2, and children aged 14 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult. There are professional ski lessons on offer for individuals aged 3 and up, as well as a score of other child-friendly activities. Take your whole family on an adventure unlike any other and explore the snowy slopes of this indoor extravaganza.


5)Equipment And Giftshop:


Whether you want to go skiing, tobogganing, or snowboarding, you needn’t worry about spending money on any clothing or equipment. Ski Dubai will provide everything you need to enjoy the frosty interior during your visit. From gloves and jackets to helmets and boots, Ski Dubai will set you up for a successful ski trip.


Furthermore, anyone looking to buy some equipment of their own will be able to visit the nearby gift shop to gather everything one might possibly need for a snow day. Why not take home a memorable keepsake while you’re at it?




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