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Get A Dubai Visa Online: Top 6 Ways To Travel in Dubai


Dubai is a bustling cosmopolitan city filled with entertainment for the whole family. This vibrant tourist destination has much to offer and vacationers will want to see it all. From desert safaris to dhow cruises, traveling in Dubai is an exciting endeavor. Traveling around Dubai can be a breeze with the accommodating variety of transport at your fingertips. In this quick guide to transportation in Dubai, we have listed the top 6 ways to travel in Dubai as well as some other useful tips. Get yourself a Dubai visa online with the trusted assistance of Dubai Visas and start your vacation the right way.




Top 6 Methods Of Travel In Dubai:


With so many world-class attractions, it’s only fitting that Dubai offers a variety of public transport for touring vacationers. Visitors won’t have to worry about securing a car with these useful modes of transport. Get ready to snag your Dubai visa online and pack your bags after reading these top 6 modes of transportation in Dubai.


1)Metro Train:


The Dubai Metro is one of the world’s largest driverless train systems. With two lines – red and green – This mode of transport is the perfect way to get around Dubai. The Metro train lines start right outside the Dubai airport and run through some of the busiest parts of the city. Tourists getting off their planes will be able to enjoy airconditioned, affordably priced transportation when traveling around Dubai with the famed Metro train system. By organizing your Dubai visa online, you’re well on your way to riding the metro train through this vast city.






Dubai buses are a convenient means of traveling around Dubai. Tourists looking to save on cash will like this affordable option. These buses run 24 hrs a day on an extensive network that runs through every major neighborhood in Dubai. Starting at the airport terminal, grab a map of the bus routes and set out on your journey through Dubai. It’s important to keep in mind, that these buses don’t accept cash. You’ll have to buy a top-up Nol card in order to ride the bus.




Travelers will be able to catch a cab from almost anywhere in the busy Dubai area. Dubai offers a range of taxi services that run throughout the city. These convenient taxis can be hailed by hand signs, certain apps like Uber and Careem, or a simple phone call. The Dubai airport also provides its own taxi services within the pick-up terminals.






Explore Dubai the exciting way and get yourself a bicycle from one of the many rental companies available in the luxurious city. Cycling is both a healthy way to get around Dubai and a great opportunity to witness the city from a fresh perspective. There are dozens of urban bike paths to be found around Dubai and travelers will be able to bike from one tourist attraction to the next. Get your Dubai visa online and see the sights like never before with this fun transportation option.




If cycling sounds too tiring, then a Dubai scooter might be the best option for you. Scooters are a popular method of traveling in Dubai. With a motorized or e-scooter, you’ll be able to zoom around the city with ease. Renting a scooter is as easy as downloading a licensed operator’s smartphone app and you’re all set to travel around Dubai.






Visitors looking for an authentic cultural experience might enjoy a boat ride along the Dubai waterways. Dubai got its start as a pearl-diving community, so it’s no surprise there are so many ways to travel by water. You can take your pick from any one of the affordable wooden abra, or opt for a luxury yacht rental instead. Tour the coastline and coastal neighborhoods abroad a water taxi or hitch a ride on a Dubai Ferry. Whatever you choose, traveling Dubai via boat is a unique and exciting experience.


Useful Tips For Traveling in Dubai:


Traveling in Dubai involves a fair bit of planning. Aside from transportation, there are a few things vacationers should know when planning for a holiday in Dubai. From sticking to dress codes to securing your Dubai visa online, here are 3 useful tips for traveling in Dubai.


1)Be Mindful Of Your Attire:


While Dubai is an inclusive city accepting of different cultures, dressing modestly will be greatly appreciated. Be mindful of your attire while traveling around Dubai. Swimwear might be acceptable in waterparks and beaches, but wouldn’t be appropriate for business districts and shopping malls. Certain mosques have specific clothing requirements and historic neighborhoods have a preference for modest attire. Tourists who dress respectfully are bound to enjoy their vacation as much as locals will be happy to accommodate them.


2) Book Your Accommodation Early:


Dubai is a booming tourist destination that draws in throngs of holiday-makers every year. Because of this high demand for accommodation, we highly recommend that you book your vacation accommodation in advance. If you have an eye on that special vacation rental, be sure to book it early before it’s snapped up by another prospecting tourist.




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