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Famous Shopping Malls To Visit In Dubai With A Dubai Visa


Dubai is a luxurious city with plenty to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. Some of these major tourist hot spots include the bustling Dubai shopping malls. Unlike your regular shopping complexes, the famous Dubai malls make for a glamorous shopping experience like no other. Here we have highlighted the top 3 famous shopping malls to visit during your trip to Dubai. Organize your Dubai visa with the convenient assistance of Dubai Visas and get ready to shop to your heart’s content.




Top 3 Famous Shopping Malls To Visit In Dubai:


Dubai is home to many ginormous shopping malls, each imbued with unique cultural charm. From five-star restaurants to thrilling entertainment for the kids, Dubai’s shopping malls have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for precious Arabian jewelry or just need to stock up on some holiday accessories, these one-stop destinations will cater to your every need. Get ready to grab your Dubai Visa along with your shopping bags after reading about our top 3 famous shopping malls to visit in Dubai.


1)Dubai Mall:


As one of the biggest shopping centers in the world, Dubai mall is full to the brim with entertainment and attractions. Dubai Mall boasts 1,200 shopping outlets alongside an underwater aquarium and an Olympic Ice Skating rink. From a world-class kids’ play center to stunning, state-of-the-art wall sculptures, the whole family is sure to get a kick out of this monumental shopping mall. Below are a few of the unmissable experiences Dubai Mall has to offer.


Play DXB: Run wild at the world’s largest virtual reality park. This unique park lets you step into the future with themed simulators for kids and adults alike. Ride a simulated rollercoaster through Dubai’s famous landmarks or indulge in your favorite videogames in this virtual reality wonderland.


Dubai Dino: Located in the heart of the Dubai mall you’ll find the Dubai dino. This colossus dinosaur skeleton is favored by children of all ages and stands at a whopping 7 meters high. Secure your Dubai Visa today and marvel at this Jurassic classic.


Burj Khalifa: The Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Visitors will be able to access this building through the Dubai Mall. From there, catch a ride to the top observation deck and observe the sprawling Dubai skyline in style.


2)Mall Of The Emirates:


Mall of Emirates boasts gorgeous architecture alongside high-class shops and even an indoor ski slope. You’ll want to have your Dubai visa on hand as soon as possible after reading about this enticing, timeless shopping mall. The mall of Emirates forms the connection between two five-star hotels and hosts more than 630 of the finest clothing brands for all your fashion desires. Visit the vibrant neon arcade or tip your hat to the real-life penguins within Ski Dubai. Here are a few more attractions to check off your list when visiting this marvelous mall.


Magic Planet: Get ready for a fun-filled adventure at one of Dubai’s top-rated arcades and gaming venues. Magic planet promises fun for the whole family with an extra dash of whimsical delight. From rock climbing to bumper-car rides, you’re sure to have a blast.


Dubai Bowling Center: For some good old-fashioned fun hop on over to the Dubai bowling center and knock down some pins. This affordable attraction offers hours of entertainment with that glamorous Dubai touch.


Ziplining In Ski Dubai: If zooming down the indoor ski slopes isn’t quite exhilarating enough, Mall of Emirates has you covered. Inside this icy wonderland, visitors will have the chance to ride a zipline high up in the air. Grab your Dubai visa and get on over to the Snow Bullet zip line for the ride of your life.




3)Dubai Festival City Mall:


Dubai Festival City Mall ramps up the entertainment factor for the whole family. Known as one of the most iconic malls within the region for its vast collection of unique features, the Dubai Festival City Mall is not one to be missed. Enjoy gastronomic delights offered in the many cafes and restaurants and marvel at the IMAGINE live light shows offered at night. Here are some top-notch features to explore within the Dubai Festival City, just to name a few.


Bricobiblandia: This world-famous plastic playroom is perfect for kids. Filled with plastic building bricks, your children will have the chance to practice motor skills and let their imagination run wild. Expect toys, trains, and plenty more entertainment from this astounding tourist attraction.


Fabyland: With high-tech game machines for the young and old, Fabyland is akin to paradise for arcade lovers. This popular destination promises futuristic family entertainment for toddlers, teens, and parents too.


Festival Bay: This water and light extravaganza is bound to knock your socks off. Head to Dubai Festival Mall after dark to experience a stunning light show over Festival Bay. This ever-changing experience is both immersive and dazzling. With a Dubai Visa, you’ll be able to watch this wonderful clash of technology and art up close.




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