Dubai Visas FAQ

Do I need to submit my original passport?

No, this is an online service. You simply scan the first page of your passport that has the photo and other details and email it to us.

Is it necessary to forward passport photos with my application?

If the photo on your passport is clear enough then we do not require additional photos. However, if the passport photo is not clear then it may be wise to scan in your passport size photo and email it to us. You may even take a photo with your smartphone. Make sure the background is plain

How will the Visas be delivered to me?

Once your visa application has been processed and approved, we will then send your visa to you via e-mail. You then simply print it out and keep a copy with your passport.

How long prior to departure from my country will I receive the visa?

It depends on which speed you have chosen on the application form, and whether there are any public holidays in between. Generally, it is delivered within those stipulated days.

Am I compelled to book flights and accommodation with your company in order to obtain a Visa?

No. You are able to obtain the visa online, hassle-free and fast, without being obligated to book your flights and accommodation through our company.

Can a female under 25 obtain a visa?

Females under the age of 25 will not be allowed to travel to the UAE alone. They will need to be accompanied by either parent or husband in order to obtain a visa. In certain cases a special clearance can be applied for.

Would any problems arise in the visa application process if spouses do not share the same surname?

No, this will not affect your application in any way.

Am I able to enter the other emirates e.g. Abu Dhabi with this Visa?

Yes. This Visa enables you to visit any of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE.

What type of visa is it?

It will be the visa you applied for. In some cases we are forced to change to a different visa but it will always cover the period of visit you indicated on the form.

Can the entry/exit be from any airport in the UAE?

Yes, you may enter/exit from any airport within the UAE.

My passport is expiring soon. Can I still get a Visa?

Your passport has to be valid for at least six months in order to be issued with a Visa

Will my Visa Fees be refunded if my visa application is rejected?

If the visa application is rejected no fees will be refunded unless it is covered by and meets the terms and conditions of our Guarantee.

If my visa application is rejected, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply for a visa again if your first application was rejected. However, unless your circumstances change, further visa applications are likely to be rejected as well.

Am I required to put down a security deposit along with my application for a visa?

Normally yes. But with our company it is not necessary as we act as the sponsor.

Is this a multiple entry visa?

All visas issued by the UAE immigration are single-entry visas unless specifically stated. Mutiple-entry visas are also available.

How many days prior to travel can a person apply for a visa?

You may apply at any time, but the visa will be issued only at a time so that it does not expire by the time your travel dates arrive. We ensure that it does not happen. Every visa has a specific validity.

How long is a visa valid?

It is valid for 58 days from date of issue. However you period of stay is governed by the dates on your application form. The 48-hr and 96-hr visas have a validity of only 30 days

Are there any courier charges?

No. since the visa is online and emailed to you there are no courier or other additional charges.

Do children pay the same cost for visas as adults?

The visa application cost is the same for children and adults

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