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Get A Dubai Visa From South Africa: Things To Do In Dubai In Ten Days


Dubai is a marvelous metropolis filled with exciting tourist attractions. From extravagant shopping malls to rolling desert dunes, Dubai offers vacationers dozens of fun activities. When traveling to Dubai it may be difficult to see it all in a single trip. Here we have listed the top things to do in Dubai if you only have ten days. If you’re looking to get a Dubai Visa from South Africa, look no further than the helpful assistance of Dubai Visas. When it comes to organizing your Dubai Visa online, Dubai Visas has your back.




Top Things To Do In Dubai In Ten Days:


Once you’ve got your Dubai visa from South Africa, it’s time to prepare for your trip. Planning the perfect itinerary for your Dubai trip can be a monumental task. With so much to see and limited time, it’s no surprise that planning your dream vacation can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we have listed the top tourist attractions to check off daily during your Dubai vacation. Keep reading to learn the top things to do in Dubai if you only have ten days.


1)Dubai Mall:


The first thing on everyone’s list should be the enormous Dubai mall. Visitors can catch the train to the mall straight from the airport. The Dubai Mall is a great place to start when making your way through Dubai. Prepare for the rest of your vacation by stocking up on holiday supplies. With a Dubai Visa from South Africa, you can also pay a visit to the Dubai aquarium nestled within the mall, and give your kids a taste of adventure with the indoor kids’ theme park.




2)Burj Khalifa:


Next up on the list of exciting Dubai attractions is the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa is a sight to marvel at. This towering spire stretches up into the sky and can be seen from many locations in Dubai. To truly indulge in this magnificent attraction, visitors with a Dubai visa from South Africa can catch the elevator up the skyscraper to stand on one of the sky decks. The Burj Khalifa is a great way to view Dubai from above. You may not be able to visit every monument, but you can view them from the sky decks of the Burj Khalifa.


3)Dubai Opera:


Located in downtown Dubai, visitors will find the dazzling Dubai opera. Anyone with a Dubai Visa from South Africa will be thrilled to visit this multi-format performing arts center. The Dubai Opera hosts a plethora of performances including ballet, opera, concerts, and musicals. Paying a visit to this gorgeous feat of architectural genius can be the perfect way to end your day.




4)Dubai Marina:


The Dubai Marina district is worth spending a full day exploring. This artificial canal city is built along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Marvel at the multiple skyscrapers as you walk alongside the waterway. This district is filled with restaurants, hotels, and entertainment for the whole family. Spend a day traversing this leisurely hotspot and indulge in the luxurious Dubai lifestyle.


5)Wild Waldi:


The Wild Waldi waterpark is an unmissable Dubai experience. Holidaying in Dubai involves dealing with the heat, and what better way to do that than enjoying a fun day at the Wild Waldi waterpark? What sets this vibrant attraction apart from other waterparks is the cultural heritage at its core. This unforgettable aquatic adventure is designed with Dubai culture in mind. Not only will you and your family have the time of your lives, you’ll also get to enjoy a truly cultural experience.


6)Dubai Beaches:


If ever there was a reason to get a Dubai visa from South Africa, the dazzling Dubai beaches are it. There’s nothing like a sunny beach day in Dubai to truly feel like you’re on vacation. Visit one of the sandy beaches and enjoy the various beach bars and entertainment dotted along the shore.




7)Gold Souks:


Dubai Gold Souk can be found in Dubai’s commercial business district. This traditional market is the ideal place to snag some curios and novelty Dubai merchandise. The Souks houses over 380 retail stores. The majority of these stores are jewelry traders and offer a deep dive into Dubai’s cultural heritage. Get a Dubai visa from South Africa to see this virbant Dubai market in person and take home some unique mementos.


8)Dubai Creek Abraboat:


Cross the Dubai creek on a traditional Abraboat. These boats are a popular mode of transport for both residents and tourists alike. If you’re looking for a leisurely day full of laidback sightseeing, an Abraboat ride is the way to go.


9)Dubai Safari Tour:


You haven’t really experienced Dubai if you don’t opt for an iconic Dubai safari tour. There are dozens of exciting tours to choose from. Take your family on a camel ride through the desert, or speed through the dunes on quad bikes. These tours can take up most of the day, and you can even opt for an overnight campout in the desert. A trip across the sand is the perfect sendoff to end your Dubai vacation.




10)Atlas The Palm:


Make the most of your final day in Dubai with a quick and breezy trip to Atlas the Palm. This luxury hotel resort makes for some great pictures and a laidback, last-minute adventure before boarding your plane home. Get a Dubai Visa from South Africa and visit this iconic, accommodating resort filled with restaurants, entertainment, and everything you need to complete your unforgettable vacation.


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