Get A Dubai Tourist Visa: Top 9 Dubai Delicacies And Cuisine


Anyone travelling with a Dubai tourist visa is going to want to indulge in some traditional Dubai Cuisine. When visiting the luxurious city of sea, sun, and sand, it’s only natural to want to try out some genuine Dubai delicacies to truly immerse yourself in the holiday experience. In this quick list, we have noted the top 9 Dubai delicacies and traditional cuisine for you to try once you’ve got your Dubai Tourist Visa.


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Top 9 Dubai Delicacies To Try With A Dubai Tourist Visa


Dubai is filled to the brim with thrilling tourist attractions. From the Burj Khalifa to the sprawling desert, vacationers will never run out of sights to see. During your touring, you might want to consider paying a visit to some of the high-class restaurants Dubai has to offer and try out some authentic Dubai cuisine. This quick list of the top 9 best Dubai delicacies will have your mouth watering and get you excited to organise your Dubai tourist visa today.


1. Margoogat


This hearty dish is a definite must for any tourist looking to truly indulge in an authentic Dubai dining experience. A staple of the Emirati, Margoogat is a rich tomato stew blended with real-deal Arabian herbs, spices and flavours. You’ll be able to find Margoogat in most restaurants ranging from the five-star classy establishments to middle-class diners. With a Dubai tourist visa and a bowl of Margoogat, you’ll feel right at home in Dubai as if you were a genuine resident.


2. Ghuzi


While there is ongoing speculation about how the name of this dish is spelled – be it Ghuzi, Khuzi, or Ouzi, there is no denying that this traditional Dubai dish is a wonder on your tongue. Boasting the esteemed title of the national dish of the United Arab Emirates, Ghuzi is a delightfully patriotic dish that warms you to the core. Comprising mutton, vegetables, and hazelnuts over a bed of steaming rice, Ghuzi is a meal that is tantalising to your taste buds. It would be unthinkable to visit Dubai with your Dubai tourist visa without trying this beloved dish.


3. Stuffed Camel


If you can stand to face the camels on your desert safari after dinner, you’ll want to try out this celebratory dish. While Stuffed camel is considered a Dubai delicacy, it is usually only served during special occasions, celebrations and important cultural events. Cooked over an open flame and fired to perfection, this mouthwatering delicacy is hard to come by. If you want to try it out, you’ll have to organise your Dubai tourist visa in advance and plan your trip during cultural festivals.




4. Al Harees


While the ingredients needed to cook a genuine Al Hareed dish are fairly simple, this renowned dish is a labour of love that will leave you wanting more. The best Dubai chefs will add a pinch of salt to a boiling pot of meat and wheat, cooking until it forms a smooth texture. After baking for a few hours, you’re all set to dig in. While Dubai is famous for its tasty spices and colourful flavours, Al Harees adds a modest taste to your overwhelmed palette.


5. Luqaimat


For tourists with a sweet tooth, Luqaimat might be right up your alley. These delicious hot dumplings mimic the texture of donuts, covered with golden date sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A Dubai favourite, Luqaimat is the darling delicacy of Dubai for anyone with a need for sweet. If this sounds appealing to you, don’t wait around to book your trip and organise your Dubai tourist visa today.


6. Mahalabiya


It’s commonly agreed upon that this delicious dessert tastes like an oasis in the desert. With soft, delicate flavours of rosewater and pistachios, Mahalabiya is the ideal dessert for anyone looking for a sweet treat without overdoing it. This refreshing dish is a famous Dubai delicacy that will have you salivating for the first bite.


7. Knafeh


This dish originated in Palestine, and made its way to the Emirates to become a Dubai staple. Revered by Dubai residents, this exquisite dish is a definite delicacy to add to your Dubai cuisine itinerary. Combining fresh sugar syrup and hard cheddar cheese, this bold dish is best eaten right after being served. Immerse yourself in the many wonderful flavours that Dubai has to offer, and don’t forget to add Knafeh to your list, you definitely won’t regret trying this tasty treat.


8. Arabic Coffee And Dates


Once you’ve dined on the best of the best Dubai delicacies, why not try some authentic Arabian coffee to wash it all down? Arabic expresso can be found in almost every cafe and coffee shop dotted around Dubai. Depending on where you go to get your caffeine fix, Arabic coffee is frequently served with dates on the side, to balance out the gorgeous flavour of these rich coffee beans.


9. Esh Hasarya


Known as ‘the bread of the Harem’ this Emirate dish is a dessert deserving of its very own category. With a cream frosting and a texture that resembles cheesecake, anyone with a sweet tooth will want to catch a taste of this enticing rich dish. As one of the most popular desserts across Dubai, Esh Hasarya is easy to find no matter what restaurant you visit, and is the perfect sendoff after an exciting Dubai vacation.


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