Get A Dubai Visa Online: Top 5 Galleries And Museums To Visit In Dubai


Tourists who organise their Dubai visa online will be thrilled to find the many galleries and museums Dubai has to offer upon arrival. When you’re touring the great city of sea, sun and sand, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to these captivating odes to Dubai culture and the art world at large. We have compiled a list of the best galleries and museums to visit in Dubai once you’ve snagged your very own Dubai visa online.


When it comes to organising your visas, look no further than Dubai Visas for some professional, efficient assistance. We’ll help you get your Dubai visa sorted so that you can focus on planning out the perfect travelling itinerary. While you’re mapping out this modern metropolis, why not indulge in the cultural heritage and pay a visit to the many galleries and museums to be found around Dubai? To help you get started, here’s a list of the top 5 galleries and museums to visit in Dubai.




Visit These Top 5 Galleries And Museums With A Dubai Visa Online:


Dubai is a city with much to offer when it comes to high-class entertainment. There’s no better way to experience this luxurious cityscape than by paying a visit to one of the sophisticated art galleries or making a stop at one of the renowned Dubai Museums. Take a look through this list of the top 5 galleries and museums to visit in Dubai once you’ve got your Dubai visa online.


Dubai Museum:


If you’d like to start your touring by dipping into Dubai’s rich history, you can pay a visit to the megalithic Dubai Museum. Located within the Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum recounts the history of the seven Emirates until the oil boom that catapulted Dubai miles into the modern era. Visitors will be able to take a look at ancient artefacts and dioramas to learn more about the daily lives of the members of Dubai’s earliest communities.


There is also a life-size recreation of souks and wharfs that bring the past to the modern day. With thousands of positive reviews from locals and tourists alike, this is the best museum in Dubai to begin with, and can offer boatloads of informative entertainment for the whole family.


XVA Gallery:


As one of the leading art galleries in the Middle East, this high-class gallery is perfect for anyone with a taste for the arts. Established in 2003, the XVA gallery has housed dozens of established artists over the years. From up and coming talent to old favourites, this gallery has seen it all.


The XVA gallery specialises in contemporary art from the Arab world and Iran, allowing visitors to indulge in genuine Arabian artworks from all over the Emirates and beyond. Dedicated to cultivating the emerging community of contemporary artists in the middle east, the XVA gallery is a must-see for any young artists looking for motivation and inspiration while travelling with a Dubai visa.


Gold Souk:


While not necessarily a standalone museum, Dubai’s Gold Souks are an ode to the old ways, and a great opportunity to better understand and appreciate Dubai’s rich cultural heritage. The Gold Souks is one of Dubai’s busiest jewellery markets, mimicking the 1940’s, when traders from India and Iran began setting up stalls to sell their wears. Anyone travelling through the bustling market will be dazzled by the glistening gold jewellery and dozens of shops and stalls.


Once you’ve got your Dubai visa online, you’ll want to add this world-famous market venue to your itinerary. Buy a few pieces of glittering gold jewellery to take home as a keepsake and relay tales of the stunning gold souks to your friends and family back home.


Alserkal Avenue:


Alserkal Avenue is an urban wonderland of art galleries, dance studios, and artisanal cafes. Originally an industrial district in the centre of Dubai, the 40 warehouses that comprise Alserkal Avenue have been converted into a marvellous amalgamation of creative genius and cultural appreciation. Visitors at Alserkal Avenue will be free to marvel at the masterpieces within Alserkal’s contemporary galleries.


The goal of this creative endeavour, from its humble beginnings in 2008, has been to introduce contemporary creativity to Dubai’s vibrant art scene. Even if you’re not a fan of the arts, anyone with a Dubai visa online will be able to enjoy the numerous funky cafes and performing arts within Alserkal Avenue.


Woman’s Museum Bait Al Banat:


This marvellous opinion is specifically for the ladies, but everyone is welcome at the Woman’s Museum of Bait Al Banat. Celebrating the achievements of Emirates’ women, the Women’s Museum strives to shine a spotlight on the empowered women of Dubai, as well as highlight their influence and success in shaping the history of Dubai.


Any tourist aiming for a closer look at the spearheads of Dubai’s rich history will want to pay a visit to this magnificent museum. Don’t hesitate to get your Dubai visa online, and pay a visit to the Woman’s Museum to learn more about the woman behind the success of the Emirates.




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