If you want to visit Dubai or any of the UAE Emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Kaimah, Ajman etc you will need a visa.

The kind of visa you require depends on your nationality, the purpose of your visit and the duration of stay.

We are a sponsor authorised to issue UAE visas. The process is very simple when you use the services of our company.

Just 3 simple steps:

  • Scan in colour, the bio page of your passport

  • Complete the online application form

  • Email us the proof of payment and passport scan

Once you complete the form and press the submit button, it will reach our office. You will get a message on the screen to say that it was successfully submitted. You now need to email the passport scan and the proof of payment.

In the subject line of the email write:


When we receive the email, we will check all the documents for accuracy and complete any additional forms that may be required.

Once the money is reflected in our bank account, we will start the application process. We will also send you an acknowledgement.

Please note that the acknowledgement will only be emailed during business hours and only after all the documents have been checked.

Once the visa has been approved and issued by Dubai immigration we will email it to you with instructions.

The visa appears on the computers at all UAE airports and borders, however the copy we email to you needs to be printed out and kept in your passport as the departing airport authorities would not allow you to board the plane without a valid visa.

A normal visa is issued for a stay of 14 days and is a single entry visa. We can also apply for a 30 day and 90 day visas, as well as multiple entry visas. The requirements are different for longer and multiple entry visas.


It is important that you apply for the visa with the right company from the start. The reason for this is that, assuming you applied with a wrong starter-up company with no or little experience and that visa does not issue, no one can help, as we are not allowed to meddle with applications submitted by someone else. In fact we have no access to such applications. It will therefore pay you to submit the applications with a reputable company like us. Never buy on price alone, buy on value. What seems cheap in the beginning can end up very expensive.

We process visas for many travel agents and major corporations and have the expertise and track record of getting visas approved quickly.

Newcomers in the market can make promises but may not be able to deliver.

It is important that only one visa application is submitted per person. If another application has been submitted elsewhere, or there is an existing visa in issue, then our application will automatically be declined and fees forfeited. There are no refunds.

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