Top 5 Water Sports To Experience In The Arabian Sea With A Dubai Visa


When you think of Dubai, and all of the things that you want to do with your Dubai visa, you might imagine vast deserts, camel rides and the alluring gold souks. These are some of Dubai’s most famous attractions, but they’re certainly not the only options.


Dubai’s Arabian sea beckons for adventure-seekers and adrenaline junkies who need more than sand and sun to excite them on their vacation. The Emirate’s expansive coastline cradles a calm sea that rushes up to gorgeous beaches – all of which make for the perfect water sports arena. If this sounds like a dream to you, read this article to learn more about the water sports that you could be experiencing with the help of a Dubai visa.


Watersporting In Dubai:


Dubai’s ingenious creativity and exploration into infrastructure, tourism and technology have led to the creation of some of the cleanest and most divine beaches in the world. Flat, white, sandy beaches lined with palm trees and loungers are groomed to perfection and are infinitely inviting for any holidaying tourist with a love for the ocean.


Emirate architects and coastline developers have crafted these man-made beaches for your enjoyment – any traveller in Dubai should experience them out at least once. Some of the best beaches that Dubai visa holders can enjoy include:


  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • White Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • JBR Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • Al Sufouh Black Palace Beach
  • Mercato Beach
  • La Mer Beach


With stunning views of blue waters in the foreground and hazy skyscrapers glistening in the background, these beaches make for the perfect tourist destination for those with a Dubai visa.


After a long day of site-seeing, souk-shopping and more, you want the option to wind down and decompress here. Alternativly, you could choose to do the hardcore vita activa option, and sign up for some epic water sports on the infamous Arabian Sea. Your options are almost endless.


Water sports that you have access to with a Dubai visa in hand include jet skiing, flyboarding, kitesurfing, diving, windsurfing and wakeboarding to name a few. But for today, we will cover the top 5 of the best water sports you’ll definitely want to try once you’ve locked in your Dubai visa and prepared the trip itinerary.




1.Jet Skiing


The jet ski is a piece of formidable water equipment that can take you from point A to point B in style and salt water. This watersport is both physical exercise, engaging several muscles to keep your balance on the tide, and a great way to actively check out the coastline from a whole new perspective.


You can burn calories in the sunshine while experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on the Arabian sea. For a real thrill, you can zoom up to 70 metres per hour, depending on the calmness of the water, the resistance of the wind and your weight – either way, this one will definitely get your heart racing.




One of the great joys of using your Dubai visa to explore water sports in the Middle East is that once you’ve arrived there, all you have to do is sign up and get pumped. Thereafter, the equipment will be set up and you’ll be trained for the big moment.


You don’t have to worry about buying the right set-up or hurting yourself in the process, especially if you’re already familiar with surfing and sailing, as it’s simply a matter of directing your kite accordingly with the wind. Yes, the one might take a little more training than others, but it will be totally worth it once your surfboard has skimmed the waves and risen into the air, with the kite pulling you along the breeze.


3.Scuba Diving


Once you’ve got your Dubai Visa, you’ll get to try scuba diving in Dubai, which is an experience unlike anything else – there are dozens of spots to visit and a great range of aquatic life to see from under the sea. Jumeirah Beach is known for its underwater views and advanced divers will be pleased to know that there are some sunken shipwrecks to explore and swim through.


More wrecks can be found at MV Ludwig and Zainab. But if you’re a less advanced diver, and you’d prefer to scope the fish and plantlife, then Dubai World Islands is filled with small marine colonies, while Martini rock is another excellent underwater spot that basically acts as an aquarium. This one is filled with wonderful animal life and colourful creatures.







This is one of the newer watersports made available to tourists with a dubai visa and locals alike. A person will strap their feet and ankles to a board that is connected to a long hose to a watercraft, the watercraft sends pressure through that hose and pushes it into the boots that your feet are strapped into on the board.


The boots have jet nozzles underneath that thrust the rider up in the air or into the depths of the water. This one is pretty extreme, as it requires good balance and the rider being comfortable at a height. It’s all about control and keeping your cool.




This is another extreme sport that makes for very good fun on the water, and if you have a Dubai visa then you get to do it in a beautiful place. Wakeboarding involves fastening a rider to a board that is towed behind a motorboat that can reach about 50 km per hour.


Once the motorboat takes off, the rider is thrown into a wild and endless wave. This sport is definitely suitable for beginners who want to get used to watersports and put their Dubai visa to good use on the Arabian sea.


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