Top Historical Sights To See Once You Have A Dubai Tourist Visa


Getting a Dubai tourist visa will allow you access to some of the best sites in Dubai, one of the world’s bustling, luxurious countries, and wealthiest states. Dubai has an incredibly diversified economy and has become known as a popular hub for trade, tourism and technological innovations. From glamorous nightlife to skyscrapers and luxury shopping, there are endless things to see and do in this famous city.


Once you’ve managed to obtain a Dubai tourist visa, you can begin to plan your epic holiday with the help of this article. For any history lovers with an appreciation for culture, make sure to take note of all the top historical sights to visit in this intriguing country. Read further to learn more about the top historical sites to visit in Dubai.


Walk Amongst the Merchants and Experience Souks With a Dubai Tourist Visa


A souk refers to a marketplace in Northern Africa or the Middle East, and they are said to have existed since around 3000 BCE. Traders from the Gulf have been selling their goods at the Dubai souks for years – everything from spices to perfume, and even gold.


Dubai is particularly known for its Gold Souk, which is considered the largest gold bazaar in the whole of Arabia. If you’re interested in authentic jewellery, antiquing and well-preserved gems and treasures from ancient times, then the Gold souk is definitely a must on your site-seeing list.


Discover Dubai’s Industrious History at the Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeological Museum


This archaeological museum is perfect for history lovers who are looking for answers about Dubai’s iron age. With your Dubai tourist visa in hand, you can visit the immersive museum where they use state-of-the-art technology to recreate Saruq Al-Hadid, an isolated desert site where metalworkers created iron artefacts almost three thousand years ago.


The museum site is in the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai, which is a historic building recognised for its beauty and immaculate preservation. The site is located in Southern Dubai, on the edge of the Rub al-Khali desert, so you can also expect some spectacular views on your way to understanding more about everyday life in the Iron Age of Arabia.


Explore Cuisine, Culture, and Ancient Trading Ports at Al Seef


Al Seef is known as a destination where travellers with a Dubai tourist visa can see both the ancient and the modern world. Al Seef is a waterfront promenade that boasts a massive variety of food and retail traders, and it has existed for many years, with many recent developments and improvements.


Situated near Al Fahidi Fort, a historical neighbourhood along Dubai Creek, travellers can go yachting, see local musical performances, and art exhibitions, taste local delicacies and shop for souvenirs in this marvellous historical place, all with the help of your Dubai tourist visa.


Check Out The Philately House Stamp Collection And Learn About Dubai’s Postal System


The Philately House is one of those lesser-known historical sites and cultural experiences that really paints a beautiful picture of old Dubai. Also situated in the historical Al Fahidi neighbourhood, the Philately House is a traditional coral and stone building with an exhibition of stamps, postmarks and more.


The house was designed to display the United Arab Emirates Federation’s postal activities from yesteryear. This site is always particularly intriguing for seasoned stamp collectors who have a Dubai Tourist Visa, as the Emirates Philatelic Association sells prized local stamps here to both locals and foreigners alike.




Meander Through Hatta Heritage Village With Your Dubai tourist Visa in Hand


Hatta is a traditional mountainous village nestled in the Al Hajar Mountains of Dubai. In its prime, Hatta was home to beautiful buildings constructed from mud, palm trees, reeds, tree trunks and stones.


The architecturally exciting space and its precious heritage were preserved by the Dubai Arts and Culture Authority, who reconstructed and renovated the village and then opened it to the public in February 2001. Today, the Heritage Village, with its traditional architecture and interiors, feels like an authentic look into the quotidian lives of Dubai residents from before the 1960s.


Educate Yourself At the Dubai Museum


The Dubai museum is perfect if you want a better look into the rich history of Dubai’s past before the oil boom, more so than if you want to go shopping and dining. The Dubai Museum recreates Arab houses, mosques and souqs to show you what life was like for residents before the state gained immense wealth. Artefacts, exhibitions and recreations of the past make you feel as though you’re transporting through time to a different world, far from the modern glamour of today’s developments.


Peer Into the Gulf’s Old Pearl-Diving Spot at the Creek


Once upon a time, a split in the ground in Dubai opened up a small canal that soon became one of the safest harbours for trading on the Arabian Gulf. The waterway is said to have started as many as 120 years ago in 1902 when His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Hasher abolished all customs duties on ports, making it the perfect environment for merchants, fishermen and tradesmen to circulate goods and products.


Historically, it had two sections known as Deira and Bur Dubai, both of which helped to bolster the region’s economic development. What’s more, the Creek was also known as the perfect site for pearl diving, an ancient practice and tradition dating back seven thousand years.


Bow Down To Time and History at the Burj Nahar


Once you’ve visited the Creek, from Deira you can move to the outskirts of the town and find the tucked-away, 19th-century watchtower that is known as Burj Nahar. This towering structure is bordered by a lush palm tree garden, making it quite a magnificent site that reminds anybody with a Dubai tourist visa of the region’s ancient architecture and wondrous grandeur. Built in 1870, the fortification was built to protect the city during old Emirati times. Today, the watchtower still holds immense symbolic significance, exuding grace, strength and security.


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