Visit Dubai With a Dubai Tourist Visa: Top 7 Things To Do At Dubai Marina

The beautiful Dubai Marina is a dazzling tourist attraction and a man-made work of art. Any tourist taking a trip through Dubai will want to pay a visit to this wonderful waterfront that stretches along the Persian Gulf shoreline. With a Dubai tourist visa, you and your family can enjoy everything from skydiving to dinner cruises at the magnificent marina waterfront. Dubai Visas makes it easy.

Don’t miss out on the many opportunities and adventures to be had in this dazzling tourist attraction. Take a look at our list of the top 7 things to do at the Dubai marina and plan the perfect trip. When it comes to organizing your Dubai tourist visa, you can rely on the professional experts at Dubai Visas. Complete the simple online application form and let Dubai Visas handle the rest.


Top 7 Things To Do At Dubai Marina:

The Dubai Marina is a well-known and much-beloved tourist attraction in the heart of Dubai. The waterfront promenade is dotted with dozens of alluring restaurants and coffee shops. Vacationers are welcome to make use of the many available boat tours as well as a plethora of other exciting activities. Make the most of your trip with a Dubai tourist visa and pay a visit to this novel Dubai attraction. Here’s our list of the top 7 things to do in Dubai Marina.

1)Stroll The Marina Promenade:

The waterfront path stretches for 7 kilometres along the shoreline. The path is lined with palm trees and gorgeous green scenery as well as a variety of small stores and restaurants. Take a stroll along the walkway with your family and soak in the sights. Look out for the luxurious yachts floating on the waters and take in the serene scenery at your own pace. For an extra special kind of relaxation, why not pay a visit to one of the spas along the Marina? With a Dubai tourist visa, you can enjoy all the picture-worthy sights and more.

2)Skydive Over Dubai:

The adrenaline addicts will have a blast with this thrilling activity. Head to the Dubai Marina to get paired up with a skilled skydiving instructor for this skydiving experience. You’ll be able to view Dubai in freefall from high up in the air, and spot astounding sights like the Palm Jumeriah Island, the Burj Al Arab, and Atlas the Palm. Get a Dubai tourist visa to enjoy the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. If you’d like to learn how to skydive alone, sign up for some lessons and make your wildest dreams a reality.

3)Embark On A Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise:

Another romantic attraction in Dubai Marina is the ever-enchanting dinner cruise option. Take your partner or pals on a luxurious sun-down cruise and dine on a catered buffet. The majority of the Marina’s luxury cruises include lower-deck air conditioning for those hot Dubai evenings. With a Dubai tourist visa, you can watch the sun sink from the upper deck of a dinner cruise ship and be the envy of all your friends back home.

4)Visit The Dubai Marina Mall:

The Dubai Marina wall is one of the many extravagant buildings to be found near the waterfront. Whether you need to stock up on beach towels and bikinis or want a taste of the Dubai high-life, the Dubai Marina Mall will not disappoint. This magnificent mall boasts four floors of luxury fashion brands and other outlet stores for all your holiday shopping needs. There are also a plethora of high-class restaurants to be found inside, with breathtaking views of the water beyond.

5)Take A Speedboat Tour:

If a fancy dinner cruise is a bit too formal for you, why not explore Dubai from the comfort of a nifty speedboat? Take off from the marina bay and zip across the waters on a thrilling speedboat tour of Dubai. With a Dubai tourist visa, you’ll be able to embark on a lengthy speedboat tour past world-famous attractions like the Dubai Eye Wheel, Atlas the Palm, and of course, the Marina waterfront itself. A helpful tourist guide will steer you across the waters and offer interests information about the various sights you’ll see along the way. This is a great way to explore Dubai when working with a time limit.


6)Pay A Visit To The Beach Nearby:

The Jumeriah Beach residence inside the Marina is the perfect place for a casual stroll near the shore. Stop at the various outlets and shops on your way to the beach and enjoy the dazzling view from the restaurant terraces before visiting the public beach just beyond. Soak in some sun while reclining on the sand, or take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Marina beach.

7)Enter The Dubai Marina Yacht Club:

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is a dazzling tourist attraction. Make your way along the artificial canals and spot the hundreds of luxury yachts docked along the way. Snap some gloat-worthy photos of the scenery and wine and dine at one of the many restaurants to be found inside the elite club.


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